Mariah is an investigation of Mariah Gladis — long-term survivor of ALS, world renown psychotherapist and modern-day medical mystery. We are revealing the special mind trapped inside a body that cannot move and examining her unique method of cutting edge psychotherapy that has helped thousands of people struggling through their own darkness with a cinematic combination of testimonials and cinema veritae. The film is a multi-generational project that began in 1980 when Ron Gladis began videotaping Mariah's life and struggle with a VHS camcorder. We have unearthed a treasure trove of this archival footage, haunting in its analog decay, depicting vintage medical imagery, her sessions with clients and the resulting emotional exorcisms. I'm going to tell the truth of a life worth telling.

Director's Statement

Coleman Gladis


Coleman Gladis is a film and television director from Philadelphia. He has produced, directed, and composed scores for feature films, music videos, and television commercials since arriving in Los Angeles in 2008. Recent production work includes the Broken Lizard Production of Freeloaders and ABC’s The Bachelor. In 2013, he completed his third season in production of AMC’s Mad Men. He is now the lead creative at Blue Dragonfly Pictures.

Producers Ron Gladis

Jennifer Yee

Composer Michael Bacon


Francisco Bello Coleman Gladis

Meg Sarachan


Colin Comstock

John Bell


Jamie Campbell

Ben Richards

Maryam Elarbi


Mariah is a feature length documentary that has completed principal photography in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is currently in the mid stage of post-production with distribution and outreach to follow.


Our team would like to thank the multitude of supporters who have invested time, financials, resources, and support in the making of this feature film. Your contributions have played a tremendous role in the process and we are sincerely grateful to each one of you.


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