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TIM Talk

March, 2015


Mariah Gladis was recently invited to give a TIM Talk by the Lutheran Metropolitan Washington D.C. Synod. This TED-like style talk series is an event with multiple speakers about the best ideas they have for the future. Mariah spoke on Creating Moments That Matter -- about the power that moments, large or small, spontaneous or planned, can have in your life. 



Go behind-the-scenes with our editors. Our director Coleman Gladis recently spent several weeks in New York City consulting with Francisco Bello, an OSCAR and three-time Emmy Nominee. Bello studied at the Cooper Union School of Art and has worked in the post-production of films by Kevin Smith, Michael Moore, and George Butler, among others. We invite you to take an inside look at our journey through post-production to deliver the best film possible.


January, 2015

Philadelphia Inquirer


Her son did not want her to do it. The ice bucket challenge might be too much for someone with ALS. But Mariah Fenton Gladis was tired of seeing everybody else have all the fun - and the satisfaction of raising money to combat a devastating disease for which there is no cure. So, late last month, the award-winning Malvern psychotherapist sat in the backyard of her Chester County home as her husband, Ron, flipped a bucket of ice water over her head. "No problem," Gladis says slowly in an online video. In completing the dare, Gladis was doing what she has done nearly her entire life - stepping up to the challenge. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Original Score


Emmy-winning composer Michael Bacon has signed on to compose the original score for Mariah. Bacon won an Emmy for his score of The Kennedy's, an Ace Award nomination for his original score for The Man Who Loved Sharks, as well as the BMI Television Music Award for music in LBJ. Shows he has scored have won three Academy Awards and numerous Emmy Awards. He and his brother, Kevin, perform live music as The Bacon Brothers. 

September, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge


Watch Mariah and Ron take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! As Mariah says, "I want to be a player in this game. Over the years, I have felt that ALS needs much more exposure. And in the words of Steve Gleason, ALS is not incurable. It is underfunded. And you have changed that. Thank you!" To date, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over $115 Million in donations.


August, 2014

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